John deere 7200 vacuum planter problems

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We have the only pull type planter in the area and the dealer is no help. I won't be using the highly corrosive ammonium starter that conventional farmers use, though I. 6 gallons per minute which equals air pressure of 8/1/2 #s for beans and set it around 12# for corn. Bought a 7200 8 row narrow vacuum conservation planter this winter and was reading through the book on it.


The earliest 7200 vaccuums had a different hopper, and those are not adaptable to newer precision meters- something to.




Your planter is a precise form of equipment.

7200 - designates planter model e - for 4r, 6n, 6w and 8n planters 100001 - designates planter specific number for 4r, 6n, 6w and 8n planters the serial number plate is located on the right-hand seed drive transmission support plate. The level will drop as your oil warms up. . menu.

#2. May 7, 2019 · My 7000 8 row would constantly work to one side, and you would have to resync. .

PLANTERS COVERED BY THIS INSPECTION CHECKLIST 1755 Planter Dry and Liquid Fertilizer (MaxEmerge5.
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Hi, I am new to this forum and just bought myself a 6 row narrow vacuum planter to rebuild for use this spring.

For the 40 series you can simply return into the remotes. .

7000 finger planters do have longevity. add.

The 1770 will have a few more fertilizer options but if you don't need that the 1760 is quite a bit cheaper and lighter so it will pull easier.

The vaccum is accurate at over 7 MPH. 0.

Apr 3, 2019 · If you have new blades on a Deere planter with the depth mechanism set as shown in this photo, the furrow being cut should be 2” deep consistently.


Plan to pull it with a 4640.

. Some other sites were stating 3-5 GPM for a vac. Boone, Iowa. View: 24 36 72.

Openers, Rubber Closings Wheels, Markers, 2pt Hitch. Thanks, JJ. A vac planter will need a tractor with closed center hydraulics to hopefully keep the oil cool or you can use a PTO hyd pump. When I was a service tech for Deere we went to a planter school when they introduced the 7200 Vac planter.

Posted December 8, 2005.

I ran a 7200 and a 1750 6 row vacuum planter with a 6300 Deere tractor, ran the vacuum off Power Beyond, and the lift and markers were on seperate valves. 1760/1770. .

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It says for tractors prior to the 50 series it does not need a return hose that by passes the remotes.

. Craig, I have a 1760 which is only a 12-row with a single fan but my one 4020 handles it just fine in regards to hydraulic flow. .