More than 222,600 registered piston-engine aircraft can operate on leaded avgas.

Avgas gallons to pounds

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5% per 5 °C increase in temperature. » Kg to Liter Converter. ] of aviation gasoline in foot pound = 971811922. fc-falcon">The standard weight for avgas is 6 lb per gallon.


1 gallon [UK] of aviation gasoline in pound/gallon [UK] = 1585918.

Use our gallons to pounds calculator to figure out how much the volume of water, oil, gasoline, or even ice cream weighs! How many pounds is one gallon of milk?.

Mar 26, 2015 · class=" fc-falcon">Easily convert between pounds, kilograms, US gallons, Imperial gallons and litres for JetA and AVGas.


Once you determine the proper density, multiply the volume of fuel by it to get kilograms.

1 gallon [U. 1000 L x 0. Select your units from either gallons, liters, pounds, or kilograms. Avgas weighs 7.

. 71kg/L = 710 kg. Helpful Aviation Facts & Conversions.

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You enter the amount of fuel remaining in the tanks and the required block fuel and get your required.

. What is the FAA standard weight for avgas? 6 pounds per gallon 1.

A. US Gallon to Liter Conversion Example.

With this app, this is very easy.

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How many pounds in a gallon? 1 gallon (gal) is equal to 8.

metric tons = 0. . The most common and reliable type of avgas is 100. Enter Fuel Capacity in Gallons for All Tanks = 15 Enter Gallons per Hour (GPH) Consumption Rating = 25 Enter Fuel in Gallons Actually In All Tanks = 5.

This has an SG of 0. . fc-falcon">myE6B Fuel Conversion. Gallon measurements converted to pounds for commonly used cooking and baking ingredients.

2 lbs/US Gal): Pounds (lbs): 5,336.

11=Knots or 770=MPH. 1 gallon [U. .